Scheeres, Julia. “Who Killed Gina Engel?.” The New York Times. Sunday, June 18, 2006: Sunday Book Review.


Published: June 18, 2006

HOW well do you really know the person closest to you? If you could peer into your lover’s mind, would you be overwhelmed by what you saw — adulterous thoughts, repressed urges, homicidal fantasies? Karen Shepard’s darkly gaming tantalizing third novel suggests the answer would be a resounding yes.

Safely ensconced in their daily lives, the characters in “Don’t I Know You?” cling desperately to comfortable, superficial images of their loved ones, no matter how much those images run counter to the facts. It’s disturbing enough to suspect these people might be liars and cheats, but what if they’re rapists or even killers? gamers How easy is it to deny that someone you depend on and care for may have committed a violent crime?

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