This Week on Tour with Jim Shepard

Your opportunities this week to see Jim Shepard in action:

June 2–Washington DC

June 3–Miami, FL

June 4–New York, NY

In conversation with his editor, Gary Fisketjon. I will be at this one, as will our oldest son, Aidan, as will many, many of Jim’s Italian relatives.  You won’t want to miss this one.

June 7–Berkeley, CA

In conversation with Daniel Handler.  I WISH I could be at this one.

Jim Shepard, Nosferatu, and the Shepard Beagles

The Boston Globe interviews Jim Shepard


Okay, so misspells the title of the book (embarrassing), but Dan Cryer calls THE BOOK OF ARON by Jim Shepard “a transcendent fictional experience,” and “a far better work of fiction” than Elie Wiesel’s NIGHT, so I forgive the misspelling.

Jim Shepard on Selected Shorts

The Selected Shorts that aired on WNYC this week included Jim Shepard’s short story, “Cretan Love Song,” read by Joe Morton.

On Seeing Jim Shepard in Person

Robert Birnbaum exhorts all of you to go out and see Jim Shepard in person.  Coming up this week, Jim is in Toronto and Philadelphia.

What SuperPower Would Jim Shepard Rather Have?

This interview answers that question and more.  Read on.

Reviews and More Reviews for THE BOOK OF ARON

So, here’s the New York Times Book Review for Jim Shepard’s THE BOOK OF ARON.

Perhaps if Ms. Brooks had read this review from the National Post before writing her own, she would’ve needed less educating as to the benefits of a child narrator…



Jim Shepard was in Dallas last night with Anthony Doerr.  Tonight, it’s Houston’s Brazos Bookstore.  Here’s a conversation about THE BOOK OF ARON to whet your appetite:’s-book-aron

Jim Shepard at Franklin Park Bar Tonight

Jim Shepard, Electric Literature, a bar, and a raffle.  Why are you not there?

Jim Shepard Goes To Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth, NH has been added to Jim Shepard’s tour for May 22.  Get your tickets here:

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