Elizabeth Kolbert Endorses Karen Shepard for Planning Board

Pretty cool when a Pulitzer Prize-winning author endorses your campaign.  Who knew local politics could be so fun?!

Here is her letter:

Dear Residents of Williamstown:

I am writing to urge Williamstown residents to vote for Karen Shepard for Planning Board.

Karen, who teaches at Williams and has lived in the town for nearly thirty years, has a progressive and democratic vision for Williamstown that includes both economic development and open-space protection. She understands the two are not opposed; they are intimately connected. She will promote affordable, mixed-income, and multi-family housing, all of which the Town desperately needs.

Karen is the sort of person who gets things done. She’s a good listener and has a great sense of humor. It’s time for a change on the Planning Board, and Karen is exactly the right person to provide it.


Elizabeth Kolbert