Karen Russell and Karen Shepard in Conversation

Come crash the Karen Conversation even if your name isn’t Karen.  The two Karens talk books, ghosts, and babies at the Texas Book Festival in Austin.  Saturday November 4 at 11:45.  http://www.texasbookfestival.org/festival-schedule/?search=karen+shepard

I like the way Adam Morgan thinks…

In the Chicago Review of Books, Adam Morgan tells us what to read in September.

19 Books You Should Read This September

The Paris Review Interviews Jim Shepard

Type Writing: An Interview with Jim Shepard

“The Mothers” by Karen Shepard on lithub.com

Lithub.com is running one of the stories from KISS ME SOMEONE today.  Get a glimpse here:

“The Mothers”

Karen Shepard’s latest essay on Buzzfeed

My odd intimacy with my stepson’s mother, my husband’s ex-wife, the woman I raised a child with.









Happy Pub Day, Jim Shepard!

Jim Shepard speaks the truth:

My 15 Y/O Daughter Has Never Been More Impressed…



The Shepards 2017

Countdown to pub day for both of these books.  Coming September 12: Jim’s first book of essays and my first book of stories, both ushered into the world by the extraordinary Tin House Books.  The tour so far is up on my website (http://karen-shepard.com/calendar/).  Additions as they come.  We hope to see you anywhere and everywhere.



Jim and Karen Shepard at Newtonville Books

Two for the price of one.  Jim and I will both be at the incomparable Newtonville Books celebrating the publication of our new books from Tin House Books.  Jim’s essays on American movies and politics, TUNNEL AT THE END OF THE LIGHT, is required reading for those of us interested in the stories our country tells itself to explain the position we find ourselves in.  My new story collection, KISS ME SOMEONE, could also be titled: SAD, ANGRY PEOPLE HAVING CREEPY SEX.  Both books come out September 12.  The Newtonville Books event is our first tour stop.  We’d love to see you there: Newtonville Books, Friday September 15 at 7:00 pm.


Jim Shepard and Julie Himes, Together!

Odyssey Books, Thursday June 8.  Don’t miss it!


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